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About Us

With a network in more than 18 countries with offices in India (Cochin, Gorakhpur, Tirunelveli & Chandigarh), UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Qwain), Philippines, Kuwait and associated offices in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka & Indonesia. Fastline International is one of the premier placement consultancies and recruitment agency in India and abroad. The areas that the company deals in include Manpower employment in skilled and unskilled categories, Head Hunting, Interview Assessments and Arrangements, Psychometric, Aptitude Assessments and Turnkey Recruitment. Fastline International offers it's comprehensive solutions based on it's data base, and a very healthy professional methods of selecting the eligible candidates for a particular placement.

We also specialize in Temporary and Direct placement staffing services. Our staffing and talent resources extend throughout India. We are amongst the best-known Manpower Staffing Agencies in India specializing in the supply of personnel as per the client's requirements. Our success can be aptly described in terms of the credibility we have established with the candidates and the corporate clients alike. Modeled on the varying needs of the industries, the procedure largely aims at providing the companies with candidates matching their demands in exact terms.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision: Our vision is to focus on a strong research foundation where we will look at all the potential candidate in a particular field and assess them according to requirement that includes screening for motivation, stability history of creating impact and the depth of the knowledge and experience of your particular industry.

Our Mission: To provide Quality staff and complete satisfaction for an overall industry's progress.

Management Skill

Our management has the following advantages:

  • Commercial awareness & Intellectual enrichment
  • Practical knowledge and enthusiasm to get the right result
  • Relevant, wide and in-depth experience
  • Impartial business management advice
  • Technical competence

Business Activity

In our experience the more we work with one client the more efficient the process becomes. Each time we work with the same client we gain a deeper understanding of their requirement and this enables us to customize our service to suit their needs on time and specification, which directly benefit our clients.

Data selection is by highly qualified and experienced team as per employment demand. Our candidate selection is based on their qualification, experience, skill level test, relationship, responsibility, personality etc.

Our Patrons

We are a professionally managed unit with a competent workforce. Our clients include various Institutions, Corporate Giants and even Government Departments. We are equipped to serve anywhere in India and abroad. Promising to serve your esteemed organization with pleasure and co-operation, we always look forward to a long term relationship.

Our Approach

We undertake a comprehensive approach after understanding your needs and are committed towardsbeing the most trusted professional service provider with a personal touch. The facts of our approach are delineated below:

  • Conducting comprehensive study of an organization's business operation
  • Identifying and defining scope of potential problems
  • Business vulnerability analysis and cost- benefit assessments
  • Verifying and analyzing current business management practices
  • Conducting surveys to identify organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Assisting in the objective design of alternatives and measures for improvements

Our Areas of Operation

We are independent consultants and can provide first class management consultancy services to our clients covering nearly all types of industries. We have special database and clientage for the following industries:

We mobilize manpower for the following Industries/ Sectors/ Segments
  • Agricultural and Food
  • Medical/ Health Care
  • Engineering
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Research Industries
  • Telecom & Information Technology
  • Oil/ Gas/ Power Generation
  • Safety Maintenance/ Utility/ Facility Management
  • Finance/ Material/ Insurance Management
  • Transportation / Logistics
  • Hotels/ Restaurant/ Catering Service
  • Fabrication
  • Customer Care/ BPO
  • Marine
  • Aeronautics/Aviation
  • Laundry/ Cleaning
  • Business Establishment

Our Resources

We depend on a highly disciplined, highly motivated and well coordinated team of young professionals. With our team of industry specialists and a network of contacts, we can fulfill your requirements and provide an effective solution. These highly qualified professionals are well trained to screen, and short list the right candidate as per the job description given by our esteemed clients.

We have a well-equipped office with facilities for instant communication with the clients & prospective candidates. Our staff members are fully geared to meet any contingency in the event of priority mobilization of manpower, handling of documentation and all the basic formalities till the departure of the candidate to the destination.

Our Process

We help you optimize your business for greater efficiency, exponential growth and maximization of your profits through our systematic approach. Through our comprehensive network of talented job applicants, we select only the most qualified individuals within every industry to service our clients.

Regardless of your industry, your needs, or your geographic location, Fastline International has the qualified personnel to staff your open positions today. We work closely with our clients to determine their specific needs and to ensure that their requests are matched with the appropriate job applicants within our network.

In our endeavor to find perfect candidates a good career opportunity based on past achievements and demonstrated potential we have a rigorous selection process which can be adapted to selection at various levels. Points mentioned below are general in nature and selection in normally customized for every position. In-depth understanding of the client's business, culture and objectives is taken beforehand, the skills and interpersonal characteristics required in a position are defined and identified, and accordingly a comprehensive position specification and job description are prepared.

» Phase I
       On receipt of a job order, a consultant is assigned to the portfolio. Based on the individual job requirement, potential candidates from our database, personal contacts, industry referrals, and respondents to our advertisements are short listed.

» Phase II :
       Short-listed candidates undergo initial screening by our recruitment consultants. Our business partners conduct pre-selection interviews, before sending out the resumes to our office. Our consultants look for the hidden personal attributes and short-list candidates to minimum.

» Phase III :
       The short listed candidates are called for an interview. The interview arrangements are done for conducting interviews with the candidate as per the client's request. Otherwise our experienced team of professionals take on the responsibility of selecting the most suitable candidate for the client. The candidate is made to go through a series of testing programs keeping in mind the level of work and environment he/she is going to be absorbed in. These tests vary from English language, General Aptitude like Logical reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Mental Ability/ Agility and Creativity. For skilled categories, the candidates are invited for a trade test to check the authenticity of the trade of the candidates. Customized telephonic / live interviews are also arranged if required by the client.

» Phase IV :
       Once the candidates are short-listed and selected by you, a reference check is conducted and the candidates are sent for medical check up in a medical center, which is authorized by the country where the candidates will be placed.

» Phase V :
       On receipt of appointment letters, all required documents are processed as soon as possible. The individual files will be maintained for all selected candidates, which include all the statutory documents. We follow up with selected candidates for pre-departure formalities, so that they can proceed to work promptly. Their medical check up, processing of travel documents, immigration formalities and air tickets are taken care by us. Constant co-ordination is also maintained between the client's office and our associates in the respective countries to ensure that the candidates are mobilized in the shortest possible time.

We ensure that both positive and negative decisions are delivered to candidates in a discreet, polite manner, without causing difficulties for either pay involved.

Candidates are briefed about the difference of the culture of their country of origin and destination thus enabling them to adapt to the new surroundings easily without getting a "culture shock" which might harm his work output.

We also assist candidates through this difficult process including: Dealing with counter offers, The Resignation Process, Relocation and personal issues.

Our Services

Manpower Recruitment Service:
As a store house of the largest manpower, India has the capability of utilizing its human resources to the full. The employers across the globe are looking forward to make use of the efficient and enthusiastic man power from India. Here comes the role of Fastline International, who has all the requisite expertise to provide the best man power all over the globe.

Job Placement Consultants:
As one of the leading job consultants, Fastline International Placement Services possesses all the potentialities to select the best of the best professionals for the employers all over the world. The consultants in the organization are skilled enough to spot the right talent for the right jobs. The company has a total data base of over 1,50,000 resumes.

Overseas Placement Consultants:
The staff members have the knowledge of the international industries, especially of Australia, the Middle East & Far East countries. The company has excellent data base for international placements.

Domestic Placement Service:
Fastline HR Consultants helps those who are in search for man power in India. It also aids the job seekers to get the kind of jobs they are searching for. This is the result of the wide network it possesses.

Employment Assistance Service:
The organization provides the candidates with the Perfect Employment Assistance. It tries its best to satisfy both the employer and those who are trying to get employments. Fastline HR Consultants believes in mutually beneficial relationships.

Service Benefits

  • Flexibility for clients
  • Time and cost of selection is reduced
  • Contractual procedures
  • Strong existing database of candidates
  • Regular follow-ups

We believe that we can only be successful to the extent that we are able to understand your operations, corporate culture and business strategy. We invest time up front insuring that we understand our clients.

In India our Company have approval from The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Govt. of India in the name of FASTLINE HOMES & PROPERTIES and recently we started our office in the United Arab Emirates in the name of FASTLINE INTERNATIONAL FZE as our International office to recruit workers from other countries like SRILANKA, BANGLADESH, PAKISTAN, NEPAL, INDONESIA and PHILIPINES for our existing major multi national clients.