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The story begins in 1996

Fastline Jobs was founded by Pradeep Mohan in 1996 as a staffing solutions provider, serving over 18 countries and having offices in India, UAE, Philippines and Kuwait. The areas that the company dealt in included Manpower employment in skilled and unskilled categories, Head Hunting, Interview Assessments and Arrangements, Psychometric, Aptitude Assessments and Turnkey Recruitment. 

The story today

It’s been a long road from where we started 25 years ago. The economy changed and so has the industry. While companies started hiring more and rapidly, employees started jumpings frequently to advance their careers faster. This has brought us to a world where hiring has become a innovatable system in any organization, which needs to be smarter, safer and done at scale. One of the very few things that hasn’t changed is the need to hire smarter talents in the higherst grade and that’s what Fastline brings to the table.

Fastline is currently under the guidance of Deepak Pradeep and with him comes all the technological advancements that has kept Fastline one of the most aggressive and agile requiters.

Why Fastline
In 1996, a recruiter's prowess was the size of its database. The bigger it was, the better the recruiter operated. Over the years we have refined our process to include the intangible metrics to gauge candidates and this has helped us keep churn down for our clients.
Fastline's REC360™ is the work product resulting from years of experience. The digitisation solves traditional problems like repeat interviews, cool off enforcements and many more. REC360™ makes hiring digital, practical and agile.
Having an operational experience of close to a quarter of century helps us predict and handle the nuances of the ever-changing process of hiring and getting hired. 
Deepak's Vision
To build a better tomorrow, we need to do better today.
As the CEO of Fastlinejobs, I believe that for building a better tomorrow, we need to do better today. This has helped me and my team to work relentlessly to make recruitment painless for our clients and candidates. We strive for quality and integrity in everything we do and this is made possible by the dedicate team of experts working tirelessly.

We are here to help both businesses and talents to choose a much safer, efficient and effective growth plan that propel them to reach their highest potential. Whether you are a potential client with a challenging project ahead, a talent checking our latest job updates or a future employee looking for an opportunity to join our team, I believe you will find what you are looking for here.
Our approach
We undertake a comprehensive approach after understanding your needs and are committed towards being the most trusted professional service provider with a personal touch. The facts of our approach are listed as follows.
  1. Conducting comprehensive study of an organization's business operation

  2. Identifying and defining scope of potential problems

  3. Business vulnerability analysis and cost- benefit assessments

  4. Verifying and analyzing current business management practices

  5. Conducting surveys to identify organizational strengths and weaknesses

  6. Assisting in the objective design of alternatives and measures for improvements