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Recruiting a desirable candidate for an organization is one of the most important and difficult tasks faced by many organizations. But the art of recruitment is the process where an organization needs to find and recruit the best and qualified employees (from within or outside the organization).

Recruiting in a timely and cost-effective manner is also a skill.

This recruiting process includes analyzing the job requirements, writing a job requirement that attracts qualified candidates to apply for the job, proper screening, selecting the best candidates, hire them, and integrate that new employee into the organization.


Things to understand the art of recruiting a suitable candidate:


  • As a hiring authority, your first step is to know “who you want?” Then you need to identify the experience and qualifications you needed to fill the job criteria. That’s your responsibility to define all the roles and responsibilities of the position. Qualify job functions and determine which skills, education, and experience will be necessary to find your ideal candidates.


  • After making a suitable checklist for an ideal candidate now it’s time to search perfect candidate for your organization. So, advertise creatively, search networks aggressively, and become the partner with the search firms.
  • Your company websites play an important role during the hiring so make sure you write clear hiring messages and an easy-to-fill application process. Today’s candidates prefer an intuitive and simple hiring process and your website is a window of your company to show what you are offering them including your work culture, history, values, and goals because it creates a lasting impression of your company.


  • Try to connect with your current employees and ask them to refer someone because if your current employees are happy with the workplace and colleagues, they are more inclined to refer their friends to join the team. You can create a referral bonus for them.


  • Try to recruit passive candidates, because trying to reach the best talent can be a rewarding process and for that LinkedIn is a great platform for recruiting passive candidates.


  • Try job posting websites, Consider the type of your job offering these job posting websites provides sources of qualified applicants. You can even partner with a search firm, this firm has a great network, resources, and have developed assessment skill test to check the proficiency of the candidates.

First recruiting process: Phone Interview

  • The first step is to call the candidate and ask them 3-5 general questions that will help you to determine a basic fit of the candidate and will let you know that candidate has the right amount of experience, knowledge, and attitude to work under your organization.


  • Make sure your conversation doesn’t look like an interrogation, try to engage with them, and gain as much information regarding past job experience, present intention, and future goals so that you can make the correct choice.


  • Your Phone interview should not be longer than 20 minutes and at the end let the candidate know that he/she will be contacted for the next step or not.

Second recruiting process: Face-To-Face Interview

  • We often ask candidates to be on time during the time of the interview but it is also important for the recruiter as well because it is very important to impress the candidate as much as they are trying to impress you for a job.
  • Try to create a light environment so that the candidate can be comfortable and relaxed.
  • Start the interview by asking questions, and engage with the candidate so that he/she feels like you are listening to what they are saying.
  • Start observing the attitude, body language, and response to your question so that you get a clear idea about them.
  • At the end of the interview always ask the interviewee that they have any questions regarding the position or related to the company.

The Art of the Recruiting Closing Process

Once you selected the best fit for your organization, don’t wait just call your selected candidate and share the good news along with the reason why he/she has been chosen. Also mention that the offer letter will be provided to them through email on the same day and discuss the further hiring process.

Be prepaid to negotiate because in today’s world candidates know what they want and what they get. They are never afraid to ask you more.

Ask the candidate to sign and return the offer letter by the specific date and keep in touch during this period because competition never sleeps, the risk of accepting another offer is still very high.

Last but not the least, the art of recruiting a perfect employee is a talent. It is the ability to read the candidate, be cordial, make engaging conversation, and get the answers you are looking for. But many people failed in it because they didn’t understand the art of recruitment. Like any other art form, this art also requires years of experience and practice. We are helping brands and professionals since 1996. You can connect with us for further discussion.