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1- Tell Me About Yourself.
The most frequently asked question. Many people fail to answer this correctly. You don’t need to give complete history about yourself instead of pitch concisely. Speak that is not in your resume and something that shows, “Why you are a perfect candidate for this job?”

2- How Did You Hear About This Position?
Simple answer. Just mention the source from where you found this job. Add why were you excited about this job.

3- Why Do You Want to Work at This Company?
Beware of such types of questions. Before applying, do your proper research and point out something that makes the company unique. Make sure whatever you are planning to say just be specific.

4- Why Do You Want This Job?
You should have a great answer about why do you want this job? For answering this question, first of all, identify the key points that make this role or position a perfect fit for you.

5- Why Should We Hire You?
This question is perfect for telling them about your skills and selling yourself there. Cover these three things:
You can not only work hard but provide them with great results.
You can easily fit into their team and culture, which makes you a better fit for other candidates.
Give them an example of you did similarly and succeed.

6- What Can You Bring to the Company?
When the interviewer asks you this question they don’t want to know about your background. They want to see whether you can face the problems and challenges or not. Do proper research about the company, read the job description clearly, and connect your skills and experience to company needs.

7- What Are Your Greatest Strengths?
Here you should talk about something that makes you a great and perfect fit. When you are answering this question always think about quality, not quantity.

8- What Do You Consider to Be Your Weaknesses?
This question is all about self-awareness and honesty. Maintain a balance by thinking of something that you struggle with but you are working on it to improve yourself.

9- What Is Your Greatest Professional Achievement?
A great way to answer this question is the STAR method which is Situation, task, action, and result. Create a situation and task that you have to complete with background context then describe the action you took and what you achieved as a result.

10- Tell Me About a Challenge or Conflict You’ve Faced at Work, and How You Dealt With It?
Here just be honest with the difficulty you faced and what you learned from it.

11- Tell Me About a Time You Demonstrated Leadership Skills.
Think about the time that you took the initiative to lead a project and how you helped your colleagues and motivated them to get something done.

12- What’s a Time You Disagreed With a Decision That Was Made at Work?
Here make a short statement and reframe the rest of the answer. Talk briefly about what you learned from that experience that will help you in the position you are interviewing for.

13- Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake.
The only key to answering this question is, to be honest without blaming others, explain to them what you learn from this mistake, and what action you took to not make the mistake again.

14- Tell Me About a Time You Failed
This question is the same as a mistake but makes sure to tell them about your actual failure and start by making them clear how you define failure.

15- Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?
You don’t have to say anything negative about your current company. Instead of that frame things in a way that you are eager to learn things and take new opportunities that’s why this job role is perfect for you.

16- Why Were You Fired?
Here you have to be honest. Frame things in a learning experience and show how have you grown and your approach towards life and job has changed.

17- Why Was There a Gap in Your Employment?
Whatever was the reason, you should be prepared to discuss the gap on your resume. If there are any skills and abilities you have gained during the time, speak that.

18- Can You Explain Why You Changed Career Paths?
Explain to your interviewer why you have made that decision. Tell them some examples of how your experience helps you in this role and show how this irrelevant experience is relevant to this new job.

19- What’s Your Current Salary?
You can even reframe this question around your salary expectation or requirement or you can even share the number if you think it works in your favour. Be honest never tell a lie here.

20- What Do You Like Least About Your Job?
Tricky question because they want to know about how terrible your company is and how much you hate your boss. To handle this question just tell them about the opportunity you get from the role, you are interviewing that your current role doesn’t offer.

21- What Are You Looking for in a New Position?
Be specific and explain the things that this job role has to offer.

22- What Type of Work Environment Do You Prefer?
Just say similar to the environment that the company you want to get in is having. No ideal answer. No need to speak more on it.

23- What’s Your Work Style?
When your interviewer is asking you this question that means the interviewer is imagining you in the role. You must talk about how you communicate and collaborate with your colleagues. How you will be going to lead the team and manage all the things on your own. Keep it positive.

24- What’s Your Management Style?
The managers are a bit flexible but strong enough and that’s exactly what you want to show in front of them while answering. Share some strategies.

25- How Would Your Boss and Coworkers Describe You?
Be honest (Maybe your interviewer will call your boss and colleagues for reference). Pull out your strength and traits and show them how strong your work ethics are.

26- How Do You Deal With Pressure or Stressful Situations?
To tackle this question explain to them your go-to strategies to deal with the stress. If you can give a real example then it works well.

27- What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?
Sometimes they can ask you about your hobbies and interest to get to know you better. So keep it professional and in a mindful way.

28- Are You Planning on Having Children?
These kinda questions are illegal to ask but they still may ask. You can decide whether you can answer or be diplomatic.

29- How Do You Prioritize Your Work?
For this question, talk about whatever strategies work well for you to plan your day and week. You can even explain your to-do list.

30- What Are You Passionate About?
You can even align this question with the type of work you would do in this role. And you can even share your hobbies as well.

31- What Motivates You?
Think about what has energized you in your previous role and pick one thing, make sure it is relevant to the job role and company you’re interviewing for.

32- What Are Your Pet Peeves?
While talking about your pet peeves make sure you choose something that doesn’t conflict with the environment of the organization.

33- How Do You Like to Be Managed?
Tell your interviewer what works well for you in the past and what didn’t. Like you can tell how your boss and colleagues help you to stay motivated and grow and help you succeed. Try to speak positive things more.

34- Do You Consider Yourself Successful?
This question might make you uncomfortable but always say yes. Explain to them the small achievements you’re proud of. Also, tell them why you consider that achievement a success. Remain logical enough.

35- Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?
Be honest here and explain your future goals. Try to involve the company in your answer. For example, if you’re joining an entry-level position then in the next 5 years, you can expect multiple promotions with your hard work.

36- How Do You Plan to Achieve Your Career Goals?
Having your career goals tell them that you are ambitious. You have a plan to achieve your goals show them that you are a self-motivated person. While crafting your answer pick only one or two-goal and explain them briefly.

37- What’s Your Dream Job?
You must talk about your goal and plan and explain, how this role helps you get closer to your dream job.

38- What Other Companies Are You Interviewing With?
By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know how much serious you are about this job, and can be other reasons as well. You just show enthusiasm for this job and explain to them why this role is a particularly perfect fit for you.

39- What Makes You Unique?
All you have to do is, give them a solid reason to pick you over other candidates. The key is to keep your answer relevant to this job role.

40- What Should I Know That’s Not on Your Resume?
To answer this question, talk about positive traits and stories that reveal about you more and your experience or something that excites you more about this company or role.

41- What Would Your First 30, 60, or 90 Days Look Like in This Role?
Think about the information or want to start a project or contribute early on it. But make sure your answer looks insightful and shows that you are a thoughtful person.

42- What Are Your Salary Expectations?
For answering this question, do your proper research with this role or similar roles pay by using sites and reaching out to your networks.

43- What Do You Think We Could Do Better or Differently?
Start your answer with something positive about the company and their product/services, then provide constructive feedback and show some curiosity while ending the question.

44- When Can You Start?
Try to be a bit flexible if the company wants someone to start or join sooner.

45- Are You Willing to Relocate?
You can say that you prefer to stay with your reason but are willing to relocate for the right opportunity to avoid the simple yes/no scenario.

46- How Many Tennis Balls Can You Fit Into a Limousine?
These are the question that is generally asked to test you. By asking such questions your interviewer wants to make sure that you understand the things being asked.

47- If You Were an Animal, Which One Would You Want to Be?
Here comes the personality test type question. your interviewer wants to know how you can think. You can get the bonus points if you answer the question in a way that covers all your strength.

48- Sell Me This Pen.
If you are interviewing for a sales job then this question is a must. The interviewer will check how you handle the pressure and stressed situation. Anwer it well.

49- Do You Have Any Questions for Us?
Don’t say no to this question. This is the opportunity for you to know about the company and its culture from the person who is already working there.

50- What gets you up in the morning?
This question is about what you value most in your life and what motivates you to get you up in the morning. Don’t answer the silly things like your coffee and tea because your interviewer is not interested to hear your love about coffee/tea.

Hope this will help you. Do not forget to share this with your network.

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  1. Previous Projects You’ve Worked On- It is important to give details about projects you have worked on personally and professionally too because it is a great way to demonstrate your competency, passion, and personality. 
  1. Lessons and Skills You’ve Learned- The interviewer will love to see what lessons you have learned and what skills you’ve obtained outside during your education or work experience because your skills are the only way to stand out from others.
  1. Case Studies- You can even add case studies of the projects you have worked on that are similar to what they would want to do at a new company and this definitely convinced them to consider you for the role.
  1. Your Own Marketing Strategy Experiments- One thing that can impress your recruiter is that you are writing about personal marketing strategy experiments to grow the readership of the blog because this will help many marketers to solve their problems and learn something too.
  1. Testimonials and Feedback- Your testimonials and feedback are the social proof of you that definitely pushes them to hire you. Because it gives them a sense of trust in you and your work that helps you stand out from other people and confirm the quality of your work and work ethics.
  1. Visual Appeal- If a candidate can make their blog visually appealing, it increases their chances of getting selected more because it shows you have good writing and creativity skills too.