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5 Email etiquettes, job seekers need to follow

Email is an essential element of every official process. Daily, you receive so many emails in a day but, a mail written to HR must not be so casual. In this blog, I will help you develop email skills that convert in conversation at least.


Email may destroy or build your first impression in front of the reader so it is vital if you seriously look for the job you will be sending a couple of emails every day or each week at least but, you need to make sure that mail is not ruining your opportunity.

Let us start with some organic points that are elements of a job Email.

  • -Clear subject
  • -Short and on point subject
  • -Greetings
  • -Introduction to your profile
  • -Specify skills and strong point.
  • -Add organic details like Last salary/ expected salary, year of experience, last company etc.
  • -Include a PDF file of your CV/ Resume.

Once you are up to write an email to a recruiter; you need to take care of a-lot-of things. These are some etiquettes which must be followed by all the job seekers out there. 


  1. Formal mail ID


So, I have seen various people using their random/informal mail IDs for all purposes. When it is about a job, you need to be serious, and you also need to use a formal mail ID necessarily. If you do not have a professional mail ID with you, do create a new email id. You strictly can not use your mail IDs like or but, a professional mail should look like or Your mail id adds some point in creating the first impression so do not lose this.


  1. Clear subject line

A subject line is the most important all the time; when you are writing an application in your school/ college or at your job. So, your subject line must not include more than eight words. The best subject line is, which has 4 to 6 words only. Your subject line should be telling that for which position/ designation you are applying for the same. Do never write a long story in your subject line. Remember, the subject line decides whether your mail will be open or not; so be straight and short.


  1. Do not leave attachments.

It happens the most! Seriously!!

I have found so, many emails wherein written “PFA” or “I have attached” but, there is no attachment. You can not afford this big mistake. If, you are mentioning there that PFA then makes sure you add that attachment. So, to save you with this I will suggest you add the document before writing about it. Also, rename your document/ PDF do not keep it rough. Adding on rename your attachment with your name, that will be helpful for the recruiter to remember about your CV/ Resume. 


  1. Body of your mail

Body, here you do not need to be boring at all. Do not think that you can write a long story about yourself.

Do not forget you are not the only one who has applied for the job and who will read the email has more tasks to do. Be brief but short, simple and easy. Necessarily include a few general information about you and your profession. Add a section which informs about your last salary, your latest company, total years of experience. Add all relevant details and keep it to the point only. Do not write anything extra and nothing else but you and your profession.


  1. Use proper formatting

Yes, do not make it typical but like a job application. Give it at least 2 to 3 rounds of proofreading. Do not use jargon/ quote or saying you can not fake anything. Your email must be in 1 font and must look professional. Do leverage spaces and do not write it like an essay. 


Last but not least, remember all the etiquette and make sure you write the best job email. Draft a mail today only. If you are looking for a job visit


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