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We help you optimize your business for greater efficiency, exponential growth and maximization of your profits through our systematic approach. Through our comprehensive network of talented job applicants, we select only the most qualified individuals within every industry to service our clients.

Regardless of your industry, your needs, or your geographic location, Fastline International has the qualified personnel to staff your open positions today. We work closely with our clients to determine their specific needs and to ensure that their requests are matched with the appropriate job applicants within our network.

In our endeavor to find perfect candidates a good career opportunity based on past achievements and demonstrated potential we have a rigorous selection process which can be adapted to selection at various levels. Points mentioned below are general in nature and selection is normally customized for every position. In-depth understanding of the client’s business, culture and objectives is taken beforehand, the skills and interpersonal characteristics required in a position are defined and identified, and accordingly a comprehensive position specification and job description are prepared.

» Phase I:

    Our experts do a thorough job and client analysis by having a direct client conversation and current job trends.

» Phase II:

    Post job analysis and client needs, our experts prepare a talent mining summary that helps our clients for a deeper understanding of our process, methods, resources and tools used for talent hunting. This will be shared with clients for approval.

» Phase III:

    Our experts will initiate sourcing post client approval  with the help of our powerful REC360 technology and do an initial screening to find out the right talents matching with the job description. Our experts look for the hidden personal attributes and short-list candidates accordingly. 

» Phase IV:

    Our experts deliver the shortlisted profiles based on deadlines and wait for clients’ review. The reviewed profiles will be again shortlisted by our clients and inform our experts for a direct or final interview. The interview arrangements are done for conducting interviews with the candidate as per the client’s convenience. In case of RPO services, our experienced team of professionals take on the responsibility of selecting the most suitable candidate for the client. 

» Phase V:

    The candidate is made to go through a series of testing programs keeping in mind the level of work and environment he/she is going to be absorbed in. These tests vary from foreign language skills, General Aptitude like Logical reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Mental Ability/ Agility/ Attitude and Creativity. 

» Phase VI:

Once the candidates get selected by our clients, a reference/background check is conducted as per client request and the candidates are guided accordingly. 

» Phase VII:

On receipt of offer letters, We follow up with selected candidates to get their written confirmation and to educate them about the onboarding process and clients’ work culture. Constant coordination is also maintained between the clients and our candidates to ensure that the candidates are mobilized in the shortest possible time. Our team support in salary negotiation and employer branding solutions whenever required. 

Candidates are briefed about our clients’ work culture inorder to adapt to the new surroundings easily without getting a “culture shock” which might harm their work output.

We also assist candidates through this difficult process including: Dealing with counter offers, The Resignation Process, Relocation and personal issues.


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Hiring candidates for a company is a great responsibility. The future of the company depends entirely on its employees. This is why the greatest challenge a recruiter faces is how to identify the right talent. It is vital to select the perfect candidate for the required position for various reasons.

When an employer fails to recognize the right talent, they are implicating a major loss to themselves. Missing out on the perfect candidate with the right desired talent is an irreversible loss. To help the recruiters in identifying the right talent, here are a few theories by experts.
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At some point in time, each one of us has been asked the golden question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” While whatever may the answer to the question be, all of us saw ourselves stable in a job, with no uncertainty.

2020 has changed the dynamics of the world. There is nothing in the world that is certain anymore. World economics is crashing down and millions of people around the globe have lost their jobs. These people were never uncertain about their jobs before, but the time took a turn and crisis occurred.

The uncertainty is still targeting a lot of companies that are on the verge of going bankrupt or have lost their major income and business sources. At such a point of time, how can a team stay organized to meet uncertainties?

Here are some tips on How to organize your teams to meet uncertainty?
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Our careers are a huge part of our life. Most people stick to their career options for the rest of their lives. It takes a lot of effort to change your profession once you are already paying your bills on your own.

While there are some people who love their 9 to 5 jobs and love to go back home to spend their time with family and friends, we all do not fit in the same.

Imagine waking up every morning with a dreaded face and an anxious mind that pushes you to go to work. Is that the kind of life you had wished to live for the rest of your life? We are really hoping your answer is no.

Now imagine how great it will be to wake up every morning to the exciting thought of going to work. When you chose your passion as your profession, you start loving and cherishing your work every single minute. When you love what you do, you grow in it every day. You make great money out of it. And your life transforms to become satisfactory and happier.

Wondering how to find what you are passionate about? Here we are to help you out.
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Finding a job that suits best to your professional profile and gives you a great chance of growth is not easy. The times are tough; COVID-19 has disrupted the market place. But even in the greatest of times in the market, finding the perfect job can be a challenge.

Wondering how to come over the hurdle? We are here to help you with it with 6 secret tips no one would have ever told you before.  
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The first step to reach for a job interview is to apply on various online job portals. On being shortlisted, the further process to achieve a job comprises a short test of your skillset and one or more rounds of personal interviews.

Suppose you apply for your dream job and end up getting a call that you had ardently wished for. You, of course, are in high spirits but the enthusiasm fades away sooner, and panic of cracking further rounds and the interview starts taking over. 

In such a scenario, it’s quite reasonable to get anxious. But the key is not to be overwhelmed by anxiety and to get in action – the preparation mode.

There is no need for you to hassle or stress out. All you need to do is take one step at a time. Following this not only keeps you focused but also maximizes your chances to grab that golden opportunity.

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