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  1. Previous Projects You’ve Worked On- It is important to give details about projects you have worked on personally and professionally too because it is a great way to demonstrate your competency, passion, and personality. 
  1. Lessons and Skills You’ve Learned- The interviewer will love to see what lessons you have learned and what skills you’ve obtained outside during your education or work experience because your skills are the only way to stand out from others.
  1. Case Studies- You can even add case studies of the projects you have worked on that are similar to what they would want to do at a new company and this definitely convinced them to consider you for the role.
  1. Your Own Marketing Strategy Experiments- One thing that can impress your recruiter is that you are writing about personal marketing strategy experiments to grow the readership of the blog because this will help many marketers to solve their problems and learn something too.
  1. Testimonials and Feedback- Your testimonials and feedback are the social proof of you that definitely pushes them to hire you. Because it gives them a sense of trust in you and your work that helps you stand out from other people and confirm the quality of your work and work ethics.
  1. Visual Appeal- If a candidate can make their blog visually appealing, it increases their chances of getting selected more because it shows you have good writing and creativity skills too.

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ATS stands for Applicant Tracking Systems. ATS is software that is used by recruiters in the hiring process.

An ATS helps them 
    • Collect
    • Sort and scan
    • Rank 
Job applications.

This software helps the recruiter to collect candidate information, organize candidates based on experience and skillset and filter applicants.

98% of the large organizations use ATS as part of their recruitment process while this system is excellent for storing the information of the candidates in a short time. 

Applicant Tracking Systems makes it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to search and filter resumes as per their requirements and other candidate information, decreasing time-to-fill and ensuring that companies get the best candidates for the position. 

The best Applicant tracking system uses the latest technology such as artificial intelligence to scan and sort the candidate resumes as per the job role requirement. This applicant tracking system scans the resume to look for keyword matches, and use other algorithms for data analysis.

Many businesses integrate applicant tracking systems with job boards, streamlining job postings. Now if, you are thinking, what are the benefits of the Applicant Tracking System let us tell you the benefits today!

Out of so many benefits of using an Applicant tracking system, we are sharing a few. This system helps recruiters and hiring managers to see the important information and metrics like time, Cost, and Candidate quality improvement they want to see with just a click of a button.

This Applicant Tracking System makes the interview scheduling process easier with automated emails that allow candidates to choose a time that works for both hiring managers and candidates.

The best applicant tracking systems must include robust or user-friendly dashboards and configurable workflows including key performance metrics and industry benchmarks.

The perfect ATS resume doesn’t exist, but you can optimize it to boost your chances by following these steps.

For making your resume 100% ATS-compliant follow these steps:

1- Keywords– Optimize your resume with ATS compatible keywords or job-related keywords. Like Proactive, not Buzzword.

2- Too much graphics– Try to avoid putting charts, images, and graphics.

3- No need to be over creative– Stick to simple bullet points.

4- Simplicity is the best– Don’t put important information in the Header and Footers. Use common resume fonts as they are easy to read and understand.

5- Labels- Don’t forget to correctly label the sections. Like Work Experience.

6- Save resume- Always rename your resume file with your name and convert it into PDF format.

Nowadays applying for jobs online means you must keep the ATS technology in your mind. If you use the above-mentioned steps to optimize your resume, you’ll see better results in your job applications process.

Also, we have promised our audience to provide you with ATS templates for FREE. You can download the ATS template ATS templates for FREE.

Find the link here:

Good luck with your job search!

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At some point in time, each one of us has been asked the golden question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” While whatever may the answer to the question be, all of us saw ourselves stable in a job, with no uncertainty.

2020 has changed the dynamics of the world. There is nothing in the world that is certain anymore. World economics is crashing down and millions of people around the globe have lost their jobs. These people were never uncertain about their jobs before, but the time took a turn and crisis occurred.

The uncertainty is still targeting a lot of companies that are on the verge of going bankrupt or have lost their major income and business sources. At such a point of time, how can a team stay organized to meet uncertainties?

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Finding a job that suits best to your professional profile and gives you a great chance of growth is not easy. The times are tough; COVID-19 has disrupted the market place. But even in the greatest of times in the market, finding the perfect job can be a challenge.

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