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Get the job you want, even when no one is hiring

Normally when you are looking for jobs, you search for the jobs posted on various platforms like, LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor etc.

What do you do when nobody is hiring but you need a job?

Today, you will get a clear idea to look for jobs when nobody is hiring.

So, when there is no hiring then you need to reach them directly. You suppose to have a list of companies you want to get a job in.


You all need is skills to pitch yourself, and prove that you carry business growth for their company.

You need to give them valid reasons to hire you. That is only possible when you are good enough in proving your skills and abilities.


Frankly, when a company is not hiring, it’s tough to get a job. I have listed 5 step process which will help you to ease the target of getting a job.

Before you start learning the approach; I want to remind you that, you need enough patience and a-lots of efforts to get noticed by the company (the company you’re targeting). I hope you will take constant actions suggested right here.


  1. Be an expert.

Before anything, you supposed to be an expert in your niche. You require to have a better idea of your responsibilities and desired result of your job profile. Keep in mind that you are approaching when the company does not need you. If you know enough about your niche and your expertise then you can pitch well. You may get a chance to have an interview at least. Once you have got an opportunity for the interview, you will make sure to get in the company, I know!


  1. Research.

List the companies you are targeting to get a job in. Once you have made a list, you need to research everything about all the companies. You cannot afford to miss anything about the company or information related to the job role at least.

Keep a pen-paper with you. Write all the positive and negative points like:

“what problems they are facing?”

 “What they can do to compete in the market?” etc.

These points will help you to draft your pitch.


  1. Draft a mail.

You have got all the positive and negative points of a company you want to get a job in; now you need to focus on the negative points. Yes, negative points. I have a few reasons for it: 

You can turn those negative points into an opportunity to pitch your skills and expertise.

How you can help the company to resolve the problems they’re facing?

How you will help them to grow better?

These answers must be there in your mail.

Remember your mail must not have long paragraphs and boring strategies which are common already. You will have to be unique. Do not forget they are not hiring but, you need to give them multiple reasons to hear from you and give you one chance.

In such emails, you can neither include

“I need a job”

nor any other story of bad experiences in your past jobs.

Your mail must sound like an opportunity for them.


  1. Follow them socially. 

To show them that you exist; you need to like and comment on the post of their social media platforms. Do not forget that, it is not a one-time task. You must keep yourself showing up every day and whenever they are posting anything.


  1. Add some facts and figures.

You must include some files of your research about the particular company. For example, company analysis or a list of the strategies you plan to implement for the company’s growth. Help them to know, “How you will plan to resolve the problems they are facing right now?”

When you do this, it will give the best impression about you, your skills & expertise. The company would like to hear from you. They might give you one chance to interview.

Remember never copy-paste any data, do research put your thoughts and then share the mail to their human resource team.


Hence when you are writing an email, it must be more about the company and its growth. As well as include, “How you can contribute to solve the problems they are facing currently and help them to grow?”

I hope you have a better idea and a-lots of things to do now.

All the best for your job-hunting task and remember you are capable enough to prove your skills, capability and abilities. All the best. 👍