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How to find your passion as your career

Our careers are a huge part of our life. Most people stick to their career options for the rest of their lives. It takes a lot of effort to change your profession once you are already paying your bills on your own.

While there are some people who love their 9 to 5 jobs and love to go back home to spend their time with family and friends, we all do not fit in the same.

Imagine waking up every morning with a dreaded face and an anxious mind that pushes you to go to work. Is that the kind of life you had wished to live for the rest of your life? We are really hoping your answer is no.

Now imagine how great it will be to wake up every morning to the exciting thought of going to work. When you chose your passion as your profession, you start loving and cherishing your work every single minute. When you love what you do, you grow in it every day. You make great money out of it. And your life transforms to become satisfactory and happier.

Wondering how to find what you are passionate about? Here we are to help you out.


Your passion is always around you. Brainstorm as much as you can and you will have your answer in no time. Think of all the activities you enjoy doing. Be it managing your accounts or painting the canvas. Brainstorm about everything that gives you joy.

Make a list of all the things you love doing. Ask your friends and family about it. Research if you can make a career in that particular activity. If the answer is yes, brainstorm and decide if you can do it for the rest of your life with the same joy and hard work?

If the answer to all the questions is yes then give it a go.

Discover your talents

If you have a talent, there is a fair chance you would love practicing it. Discover your talent and start working on it. Your talents are what make you unique. Bring it out, polish it, and present it to the world.

If you are a people’s person, try marketing as your career option. If you are a reader and can read and extract information from anywhere, try being a researcher.

There are hundreds and thousands of career options available. You would have to make a list of your talents and where you can use your talent in the best way to make it productive and satisfactory for you.

Differentiate between hobbies and passion 

Lastly, it is important to mark the difference between a hobby and your passion.

A hobby is something a person likes doing in their time of leisure when they are bored. Passion on the other hand is an activity a person likes to practice whenever they can.

Hobbies can keep changing over time. A person may like reading books out of the hobby in their teenage, but they switched to watching movies as they grow up. Or someone liked to play basketball a lot at one point in time but they don’t anymore. This is called a hobby.

Passion is something that engages a person for a very long period of time. Passion is something that a person never grows out of.

Make sure you do not confuse your hobbies with your passion. A hobby may fade away and then you may have the crisis in your career again.

Ask yourself 

 If you are still unable to identify what you really wish to do, you need to ask yourself. We all know what we are passionate about. It is always in front of our eyes. When it comes to career, one may start contemplating their passion choices to find something better. But your passion is always right in front of you. Acknowledge it and start working towards your goal.