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How to organize your teams to meet uncertainty?

At some point in time, each one of us has been asked the golden question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” While whatever may the answer to the question be, all of us saw ourselves stable in a job, with no uncertainty.

2020 has changed the dynamics of the world. There is nothing in the world that is certain anymore. World economics is crashing down and millions of people around the globe have lost their jobs. These people were never uncertain about their jobs before, but the time took a turn and crisis occurred.

The uncertainty is still targeting a lot of companies that are on the verge of going bankrupt or have lost their major income and business sources. At such a point of time, how can a team stay organized to meet uncertainties?

Here are some tips on How to organize your teams to meet uncertainty?

Mental Health 

Every employee and the team member is a human first and we suffer from mental health. At the time of uncertainty, it is impossible to keep your mind positive. The stress covers the mind of people as they fear the future.

At such a time, it is important for the team members to have space to breathe and understand that they are not alone. It is the role of the leader or the manager to make his employees and the team members feel that uncertainty is a challenge that can be won over if they work together.

Mental Health at the time of uncertainty should never be ignored. It is one major aspect that if kept positive, can help the entire team to walk out of the uncertainty.

Loosen up the control 

Micromanagement and constant control do not let people work to the greatest of their potential. A great leader is the one who understands this. When the times are uncertain, it is mandatory for every single member of the team to work on their complete potential.

The leader will have to give the team members the freedom they require to work in their own style and at their own pace to add the best value they can to the task.

This is how the team will be able to come out of the uncertainty with combined efforts.

Acknowledge Uncertainty

 Your team members can easily sense the uncertainty they are going to face. When the leader decides to hide the fact rather than acknowledging the situation of uncertainty, it becomes difficult for the team members. The team members will not be able to focus on the work if they cannot clearly address the situation. Their emotions will make them suffer and it will impact their work.

It is the role of the leader than to acknowledge the situation and let its team members be aware of the conditions.

This will also help the leader in managing the team better in the situation they may fall into or already are.

Engage with your team 

It is vital for every team member to know that they are an important part of the team. This will make the team members feel a little secure.

To do the same, encourage the team members to come forward and to suggest productive ways to escape or come out of the uncertainties. Take their ideas and views and engage with their ideas.

Be open to them to approach you. Engage with every individual as much as you can. Be it regarding work or their personal issues or a work related complication. It is important for the team members to feel important as a part of the team.

Have a plan 

A leader must have a plan for uncertainty. When the situations are still stable, a plan should be made. The future may be uncertain but the plan should be kept as the anchor for conduction of the tasks and management.

Use this plan as a map and track the progress or the depletion accordingly. It will give a clear stat of weather the situations are getting better or worse.