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Recruitment Industry: evolving from present to future.

Are you still following the traditional approach of hiring?

A new world of career sites, mobile apps, and social media have evolved for digitizing the recruitment industry.

A new way of hiring has augmented companies to hire the best talent with an increasing speed and accuracy

As a pioneer in the recruitment industry, Fastlinejobs has developed a fully automated technology that unsealed an array of new ways of hiring opportunities. Fastlinejobs  made a centralized platform for both job seekers and employers, who can track and manage the whole interview process by themselves.  Farewell to the traditional recruitment process.

Recruitment is not limited to any internal team for companies now. REcruitment is much beyond that. The recruitment cost is doubling month over month.  To reduce the cost of a full-time recruiter we have designed customized services where any company can hire top recruiters at any time when they are in need. 

Top 3 advantages of evolved recruitment adoption:

  1. Expanded Recruitment Team- You can expand your recruitment team without hiring recruiters. You can make your team bigger without bearing the expenses of a large team. 
  2. Save capital: Only pay when your work is done. The biggest benefit of adopting the latest recruitment method is you save money and spend only when you start hiring for your organization.
  3. Employer branding- It encompasses everything you do to position your organization as an employer of choice. Your employer brand is your organization’s reputation as an employer. Fastlinejobs helps you to reach your brand to the targeted audience. This saves 50% of hiring time and increases 50% of recruitment efficiency.

There are 2 types of recruitment on lease are available:

  1. Retained Recruiter
  2. Recruiter on Demand

Retained Recruiter- The most affordable and hassle-free process. By this approach, we consider your business as ours and try to grow it faster together. To operate on an exclusive basis and to get advice from one of the top consultants in India, our retained recruiter services fit the best to your needs. Highlights of Retained Recruiters:

  • Operate on an exclusive basis
  • Sourcing to joining follow-ups
  • Priority Customer Services
  • Free Replacement Guarantee for lateral positions
  • Sourcing support from multiple locations
  • You choose a subscription model as per your business needs.
  • Limited customization possible

Recruiter On-Demand- Recruiter On Demand from FIRS is a flexible, monthly/hourly solution to quickly add recruiters to your team without the commitment of hiring staff. It’s not a subscription model like Retained Recruiter. Highlights of Recruiters on Demand

  • Sourcing & Shortlisting Identification
  • Initiate Talent Contact
  • Interview Coordination
  • Add/less recruiters every month
  • Follow up & salary negotiation support
  • Onsite deployment on demand
  • A turnkey solution in recruitment

Both types of recruitment suit almost all business entities. If you follow your method/ approach of shortlisting candidates, suits the best of you! Sometimes you all need access to various job applications. This is possible at almost no cost and you can get all the customised packages exclusive for you.

Fastline has always been working enthusiastically to make it easier than ever for employers  to expand their team at minimal cost and effort.

Sounds like you were waiting for this? 

Let us discuss the best recruitment strategy for your business.

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