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Top 6 tips to land a job

Finding a job that suits best to your professional profile and gives you a great chance of growth is not easy. The times are tough; COVID-19 has disrupted the market place. But even in the greatest of times in the market, finding the perfect job can be a challenge.

Wondering how to come over the hurdle? We are here to help you with it with 6 secret tips no one would have ever told you before.  

  1. Update Your Resume

    The first and the foremost step while looking for a job is to prepare a resume. Your resume speaks a lot about you. Your resume is the face of your personality, skills, experience, and qualification that reaches the recruiter before you do. This is why it is a must for your resume to be top-notch.
    Seek professional help if needed for a great resume. Do not extend your resume beyond two pages until you have work experiences to list. Do not clutter your resume with unrealistic skills and unnecessary hobbies.

  2. Contact authoritative people in a company.

    An employer receives hundreds of emails in a day from candidates seeking jobs. Most of these mails are left unchecked and moved to the trash bin. Most companies hire their employees through references.
    Contact the people on influential positions in the company and ask for their references. This method has a greater chance of a candidate getting hired.

  3. Do not focus just on money, but on the role and company too.

    Most candidates make the mistake of putting their entire focus on the salary part. There are so many aspects to be considered when applying for a job. Salary is a priority, but there are other aspects that should be kept parallel to it.
    The role the job offers is a must to check beforehand. The work profile you are being offered is what you will have to do all day every day. It should be something that is adding some value to your skills and learning while keeping you motivated at the same time.
    Another aspect to be considered is the environment and the growth the company can provide you.
    If it is all in your favour, accept the job right away.

  4. Try Internship

    If you are a fresher and are just starting, an internship is a great option for you. Most of the internships do not pay much. Some internship does not pay at all but they make you learn a lot
    Most of the companies hire their interns and offer amazing packages too. With this, the candidate gets familiar with the work, the office and also lands in a great company as getting an internship is easier than getting a job.

  5. Networking

    Networking is a great source for finding a job. Most employers do not post ads for their need of an employee. They simply ask their friends, families, and professional connections to let them know if there is a candidate looking for a job.
    If you are willing to land a job, it is important to network with people. These people can be your friends and family, or they can be professionals from your line of work.
    There are some social media platforms dedicated to professional networks entirely. Use these social media platforms to create a network of people and find a great job for yourself.

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